Dentures - Ultra Suction - holds your denture firm and secure Loose dentures a problem?
UltraSuction™ holds your dentures firm and secure
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UltraSuction™ offers your patients a more affordable solution to problem dentures and a healthier, cleaner choice to the messy and costly dental goop alternatives. UltraSuction™ is the clear, hassle-free choice to a better lifestyle.

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Clinically and scientifically Tested

“UltraSuction™ system increases the retention of mandibular complete dentures. Their retentive capacity in comparison to conventional dentures has been positively demonstrated in this study, not only via the patients’ comments, but also via the retention tests.”

The effect of Ultra Suction system on the retention of complete mandibular denture.
Dr Hani S. Badra BDS, MDS    EDJ, Vol. 56, 101:109, January 2010
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