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Upper Dentures are held in place by interfacial surface tension, generally referred to as "suction" or "vacuum," as well as other important factors such as a good base adaptation and border seal.

The same applies to Lower Dentures, but the small support surface area and pronounced musculature in the lower jaw reduce the secure grip of dentures, causing displacement of the denture.

Wearing dentures for a number of years causes the underlying surface to resorb, resulting in "shrinkage" of the gum. In the worst cases, "shrinkage" is so severe as to make virtually impossible the construction of stable, satisfactory dentures.

Ultra Suction™ improves both the security of wearing dentures and the pleasure of eating, drinking and talking again. [Find out more...]

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Ultra Suction™ is the result of extensive research and laboratory development, and is based on a simple and affordable mechanical principle, easily fitted into both new and existing dentures. [Find out more...]

Ultrasuction Kit

Ultra Suction™ Denture Stabilizer System is registered with the following bodies:

Ultrasuction Kit
Lower Denture
Lower denture
Upper Denture
Palateless upper denture